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Newcastle's Best Insurance

When is truck insurance not truck insurance?

Cardiff Rent-A-Car gives you Newcastle’s BEST truck rental insurance….every time

When you hire a truck we don’t think that it is fair to be quoted on “top cover” insurance only to be then told later, usually after it is too late, that your “top cover” insurance does not cover the entire truck.

Every quote you receive from Cardiff Rent-A-Car always includes full comprehensive truck insurance…..EVERY TIME.

When we say full comprehensive truck Insurance we mean full comprehensive truck insurance….EVERY TIME.

Most rental companies in Newcastle do not include underbody, overhead or pantech (the box at the back) damage under their insurance cover. These are usually the most likely (and definitely the most expensive) parts to fix, meaning that if you have an accident, then you need to pay for this additional damage on top of your excess. Usually this bill will run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

When you rent with Cardiff Rent-A-Car, you have peace of mind knowing that if you are to have a little incident, you are fully covered with no nasty surprises.

What’s the Cardiff Rent-A-Car difference?

  • We cover the whole truck under our included insurance policy. There are no exceptions to this and no nasty surprises if something unfortunate was to happen.
  • We do not charge any extra to reduce the cost of your excess. We always offer you the lowest excess possible on every booking.
  • We do not charge different excesses depending on the accident type you have (single vehicle/multi-vehicle).

Every single vehicle that you hire from Cardiff Rent-A-Car has full comprehensive insurance covering the entire vehicle.

Our Insurance is always included as standard, as well as one standard excess for any accident type. If you have an accident, the most you will ever pay is $500* regardless if the accident is single or multi vehicle (unlesss you damage the pantech body of the truck).

When you are looking for your next rental…make sure that you speak to the team at Cardiff Rent-A-Car and get Newcastle’s best truck insurance.

*$500 excess is payable when the driver is over 25 years of age and on a full licence. If the driver is aged between 21 and 25 or is on a provisional licence the excess payable is $1500. A $3000 excess is payable for damage incurred to the pantech body of the truck.